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Cox Hall Creek

Villas, New Jersey

September 2020

Cox Hall Creek Wildlife Management has four miles of trails that the whole family can enjoy. While the longest trail is four miles, there are other shorter trails. For our visit we went on a cloudy and cool afternoon. I would recommend to plan your visit during cooler parts of the day or time of year because there are portions of the hike where you are in direct sunlight. Our hike was quiet and peaceful, we did not see too many other people. Of the people we did see, we saw a ranging variety. We saw young people, older people, people with children, and people with dogs. We saw some people who came to fish and we saw some people who were on a date. The trails are very flat and wide, they are mostly paved and then there is a dirt path in the woods. The level of difficulty is low. I would recommend bringing a water bottle, hat and sunscreen (if you go on a sunny day), sunglasses, and bug spray. The trail that we went on was half in the woods and half in the open around a lake. While walking around the lake you may see fish, turtles, birds, flowers, and other wildlife. There is a field of sunflowers around the lake as well, unfortunately they were not in season for our trip.

Overall, we love coming to these trails! They are peaceful and beautiful. I would recommend Cox Hall Creek to everyone, it is a great place to come with loved ones and escape from reality for a little while. I cannot wait to come back next season to see the sunflowers in full bloom! I also really loved how the grassy fields reminded me of the Kilimanjaro Safaris in Disney's Animal Kingdom. I know that whichever trail the wind blows you to, you are in for an adventure.

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